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Stranity builds a forward-looking automated trading system for you with professional and prudent attitude.

Stranity Mission

With long experience in trading, Stranity helps you build a stable, fast, and efficient TX/MTX automated trading system.

Stranity History

  • At the end of 2008, a group of like-minded developers started an amateur website, “Grace Futures Program Trading System”.
  • At the end of 2016, Stranity was launched into the market.
  • In 2017 and 2018, Stranity had great success in retail version. Colocation hosting service subverted the market threshold. Everyone can trade without any computer at home.
  • The first robo-advisor, Stranity, launched in 2019 and used AI technology to build ML-based strategies platform.
  • In 2020 Stranity was repositioned as AI trading system company, customizing your own AI trading service for you.

Stranity Team

System architecture team

  • Familiar with system software, OS, various efficiency measurement, and optimization methods.
  • Strong software/hardware/firmware related knowledge and network server/client architecture. Design the whole software development from scratch.
  • Use Modern C++ as developing language. Ensure software quality and performance efficiency by rigorous testing.
  • Familiar with the trading systems and architectures of major future companies, and provide suggestions for quotation, commission, risk control, and accounting management related systems.

AI strategy development team

  • AI strategy development team consists of experienced traders from all over the fields. Most of them are the winners of program trading competition.
  • With the enthusiasm for program trading and AI technology, the original strategy trading modules have been completely rebuilt.
  • Self-built Tick-level accurate back-testing system has almost zero slippage. 20 years of trading data can be backtested within a short span of time.


Exclusive solution

  • Colo architecture planning of Futures Facilities room
  • Risk control and account management by back-end system
  • Centralized backup system, real-time monitoring of the status of each endpoint
  • Trading can still be done inside the Futures Facilities room when the network is disconnected
  • High-efficiency, low-latency host planning and reducing slippage losses

Exclusive strategy customization

  • Find the suitable strategies for you through a powerful backtest system
  • Using simulated back-testing technology, the back-testing results align with actual trading results.
  • Strategy generation mechanism helps you find the best combination
  • Complete data sources help you eliminate the trouble of data cleaning and manipulation
  • Connect with cutting-edge papers and provide you with the latest ML technology

Robust infrastructure

  • Hot backup mechanism ensures your trading are not interrupted
  • Endpoint connection mechanism, private intranet infrastructure, monitor/manage your machines without actually present in limited connection IDC
  • Compatible with various architectures, from DMA to Retail version
  • Ultra-low latency of placing an order guaranteed, leading the industry
  • Big data constant time algorithm calculation guaranteed


Startup team masters the technology and trading environment firsthand

Professional AI LAB

  • More than 10 full-time experts in AI, neural network, data mining, high frequency trading, statistics and data science.

Cross alliance integration

  • Cooperate with professors from various universities and colleges (NCCU, NTHU, NYUST, THU), and well-known experts in the industry to review and advise multiple trading combinations to help customers diversify trading risks and make profits

Create exclusive benefits

  • Stranity operates independently of any bank or broker, and has been deeply involved in the program trading industry for many years, and can create your own trading system for you

Worldwide cooperation partner

  • The partners include but are not limited to major Securities in Taiwan, to save your time to find a professional investment window

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We provide

  • Exclusive program trading platform : Your own AI trading program
  • Professional big data analysis : Provide a highly stable trading mode to avoid human fear and greed
  • Exclusive investment risk reward ratio recommendations : Planning, screening and analysis your strategy and portfolio model
  • Simple and understandable backend environment : Perfectly integrate the accounting, display, day and night trading issues of various Future companies.

Stranity's prudent and dedicated attitude will sincerely create exclusive AI trading services for you.

We will uphold professional and scientific spirit of AI and using big data analysis as your most powerful bridge in the e-generation